Princesses of Instagram

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Fairytales are big on Instagram. Whether it's Disney, Grimms, the latest tsum tsums or Funkos, I like looking for people running otherworldly, fantastical, or imaginative accounts. Some of the coolest peeps I follow are small art/kink accounts that are fairytale-influenced. It's taken me ages to find a group of people to follow whose pictures always inspire me to be more creative on Instagram and not just use it to share my breakfast. Here are a few I think you'll like.

Sugarpea - I love everything Heather does so I'm probably biased, but I think she has the coolest Disney/cute stuff/fairytale/Funko themed account around. I love how she throws in pictures of her tsum tsum collection with some really goth stuff as well, it satisfies the 90's kid in me.

Megan McMinn - This is obvious, but still. If you aren't aware of Megan's account and you like Disney, cosplay, princessy things, weddings, baking, or anything in that general ballpark, you will LOVE Briar Rose and all her adorable work.

Apollonia Saintclair - This incredible NSFW art account features ink drawings depicting imaginative, surreal and disturbing sexual fantasies. Some of my favourite drawings are about The Minotaur (the beast that roamed The Labyrinth in one of my favourite Classical myths). Go here if you want something seriously refreshing when you get saturated with rose gold homeware!

Lillipore - This account reminds me of a modern Little Red Riding Hood. It's sexy, bold, mildly kinky, and her aesthetic is tight as fuck. And she takes a fab mirror-selfie.

Natacha Birds - I kind of want Natacha's life. The stunning designer/blogger/artist lives in Paris with her two sons and some gorgeous pets. Her work is always immaculately magical, and she could make any place on earth look like a palace; full of intricate details and childlike wonder. I don't think anyone could NOT like her account.

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