Cute Halloween Wallpapers For Your iPhone

We take Halloween real serious 'round here. For a lot of people it might mean dressing up and going out for a night, but for me, Halloween is a lifestyle. It feels like the only time of year when other people get what I'm on about. I like to spread the spooky vibes as thickly as I can over all corners of my life, including my phone. Here's a few of the cutest and most original wallpapers I found this year to spookify your device (I love the sexy little vampire teeth *squeal*). All these wallpapers are available on Pinterest, and I've left the links for you below!

My First Jo Malone Fragrance

Jo Malone was always one of those aspirational brands that I had in the back of my mind as a bastion of luxury and proper grown-up womanhood. As well as my insanely juvenile, unicorn-riding, Haribo-for-dinner-eating self, I do have a part of my personality that is almost jaw-droppingly adult; I like lots of alone time and will talk about sex with anybody. I collect red lipstick and black court shoes, and am fantastic in a crisis. My perfume tends to be similarly split down the middle; I have scents for my "little" self, and scents for my "big" self. 

When the time finally came to choose my first ever Jo Malone fragrance (a kind present from my father) I decided to do something a bit different, and pick a scent for my "middle" self. Something more sophisticated than watermelon body spray, but less intimidating than the tobacco and lily scent my grown-ass woman self wears. Eventually, I picked this...

Peony and Blush Suede is quite a balanced fragrance. It has the feminine, floral notes on the top, with a lingering leather base - equal parts delicate and sensual. It's grown-up without being too intense, which is hard to come across in perfume land, in my opinion. I only need one spritz as the cologne is incredibly powerful and will last all day. I like to put some in my hair, and it lasts for days that way. I'm totally hooked on it and am already eyeing up Red Roses as my next splurge.

Treat Yo' Self (Another LUSH Haul)

lush haul

Okay, so, I buy far too much stuff in LUSH. I just can't fucking help myself, okay? I really can't. I've never regretted any amount of money I've spent in LUSH though, as to me, bath-time is practically sacred. I'd rather spend a fiver on a bath bomb than on a cinema ticket, because there's honestly a better chance of the bath bomb keeping me entertained.

Some of these products I got in my goodie bag from LUSH Cardiff's last event, and a few I bought for myself just because. Let's start with the shower gel. Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair isn't the kind of smell I would normally go for, but now that I've used it, I'm a big fan. It has guava and lavender in a blood red, sparkly goop that makes me feel like I'm in a horror movie shower (that's a good thing, by the way). The little hand treatment and the Strawberry Feels massage bar are still yet to be tested, but I do know they are making my house smell fantastic. I adored both Milky Bath and The Experimenter (so darn colourful) and will almost definitely be repurchasing the latter due its amazing smell. I can only describe it as like a sexy church kind of smell? Like incense and old books mixed with flowers and vanilla. And best for last, the Cup 'O Coffee exfoliating mask. If you have dry skin and/or pores that get easily clogged, this stuff is a legit godsend.

There will no doubt be another post like this real soon, as all the Halloween and Christmas products have just dropped, and I am all about that life.