My Fledgling iPhone Case Collection

A couple of months ago, I lost my phone. It was a relatively old Sony Xperia, not worth a great deal, but it had basically my whole life on it, and I was pretty devastated. Eventually, after changing all my login details on every website I've ever visited in my life, I began to calm down and see it as an opportunity - a push to get the iPhone I'd always wanted. After some saving up, I bought a 5S outright and put a giff gaff sim in it, which works for me and my lifestyle.

skinnydip iphone cases

One of the best parts about having an iPhone is being able to dress it up. There are so many awesome, original, and fun cases around, and I'm constantly on the look out for new ones to change things up. Here are some of my favourites so far!

I got this SkinnyDip case with chubby unicorns on it from Topshop - isn't it gorgeous?! This is what I usually have on my phone these days. I love that it's transparent so that your iPhone colour shows through the case, and who could say no to baby unicorns? 

The next one along is by Iconemesis*, and features a gorgeous feather illustration by artist Cat Sims. It's incredibly sturdy despite it's delicate appearance, would definitely protect your phone through a drop. I like to wear it when I'm feeling particularly in the minimalist fashion blogger mood!

skinnydip iconemesis iphone cases

The silicone watermelon case that you can just about see is from Tiger, and was only a couple of pounds. It's not the most practical of cases but I couldn't resist it! I love anything watermelon. And finally, the one with the death's head floral design was a thrifty buy I found on Depop. It was only about £4, and you can find some great one-off and handmade cases on Depop, for those of you who are in the market!