The Ted Baker Perfectly Polished Gift Set

ted baker nails
ted baker nails

Some people would say it was weird to review all your Christmas presents on your blog, but I'm not one of those people. I hope you aren't too, or you're going to be getting very angry with me this month. My friend Little Bones Blog got me this super-pretty nail art set from Ted Baker as just one of my many Christmas pressies (she spoiled me rotten this year, but I'll tag her back on her birthday) and I'd be a very irresponsible blogger not to say anything about it, really.

It includes three polishes, nail wraps with the classic TB London street print on them, and a white nail art pen (which actually isn't in this photo...whoops! Sorry about that, haha). I haven't used the wraps yet, as I'm saving them for a special occasion, but my favourite colour is definitely the dark, gunmetal silver. It's a perfect wintry metallic, and I think it will see me through January. The white nail art pen is also great quality, and perfect for me as I always seem to love nail designs with at least a bit of white in them. It's double-ended, with a dotting tool on one side and a liner on the other, so you can do pretty much anything with it. I used it for my seasonal Christmas nails that I posted on Instagram, and was really pleased with the results. I'm can't wait to start thinking up spring designs to do with it!

I think after this, it's fair to say I've caught the Ted Baker bug. I have my eye on a toiletry bag next...

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