I Got Myself A (Essie) Sugar Daddy

essie sugar daddy review

The first Essie nail polish I ever had was Ballet Slippers. I got it when I was very young; a ballet-obsessed teenager with far too much pocket money in the Selfridge's beauty hall. Even though I loved it to death, after it ran out, I didn't buy another Essie polish for about ten years. There just always seemed to be so many other things to do, or to save for.

I'd been wanting Sugar Daddy and Limo-Scene for a long time before I finally go my mitts on them recently. Sugar Daddy is a sheer, light pink; insanely wearable, and like all Essie polishes, somehow expensive-looking. When people ask me what it's called I always smile saying the name, which is one of the best things about make-up - it often gives you the opportunity to drop an eyebrow-raising phrase innocently into the conversation. "Orgasm". "Stripped". "Deep Throat"*. Cocktails can do the same thing. I've ordered a Virgin Sex On The Beach many a time just because it sounds like the most awkward thing ever, if you think about it, and by all rights should be a total disappointment of a drink, and yet isn't. Where was I? Oh right. Limo-Scene, similarly, is a sheer, classic nude, and has fast become my favourite EVER nail polish. Strong statement, I know, but I'm sticking to it. 

*Yes, those are all real product names. Can you guess them all?

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