What’s In My Bag: Evening

what's in my bag
Most days I lug around a huge shoulder bag or tote full of various crap that doesn’t bear mentioning. When I’m going to or from my boyfriend’s place, or visiting my mum, I usually have a backpack so big that I need a back rub when I get to the other end. Everything I love seems to be extraordinarily heavy, and although I am one of the most experienced packers I know, I can never manage to get it light enough to be comfortable. I always need my laptop, because I work online. So all my chargers and other kit has to come too. I also need a hairdryer; various shoes for the changeable Welsh weather; my DSLR. In the end my luggage is so cumbersome that I’m forced to walk as if I’m welcoming guests to Castle Frankenstein. Needless to say, I relish those rare, beautiful days or nights when I don’t need to carry five days worth of clothes around with me, and can just relax with one of my favourite clutch bags. It is damn near impossible to build a stylish outfit around a gap-year sized crippler of a backpack (believe me, I’ve tried) so when I’m travelling, I tend to dress like a woman who has completely given up on life. There is loads of stuff around about how to look good when travelling, but it’s never worked for me. I always end up looking homeless, or like a soccer mum from 80’s suburbia who’s been thrown into her closet head first and dragged out by her feet. So I like my leave-everything-behind-and-take-the-Chanel days. They are important for my soul. And my back.


  1. I love that concealer, its so good!

  2. I know what you mean about the struggle to pack so much stuff and try to keep it from breaking your shoulders. I did that for a while but now, when I travel, prefer to bring a carry on bag with wheels (doesn't look so stylish but saves my back).

    Lately I've been trying to find a good sized crossbody bag, I'm picky about the details and can't find one I like. I want one that I can wear across my body and it needs to have plenty of zipper pockets. The search goes on.

  3. BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY BAG. wow, I'd definitely give up on carrying around 8 pairs of shoes for varying climates if it meant clutching this one. and well done you for having a good selection of bobby pins, they're always useful xx

  4. i can completely relate to looking homeless when travelling, haha. especially as i too often end up spending the night at a train/bus station or airport.. so glamorous:-) that bag is beautiful, though! and this is pretty much what i'd like the contents of my bag to be like:-) xx

  5. Great post and absolutely love your bag *_* I think I'm the opposite, fearing shoulder pain I pack a crossbody bag then realise I have forgotten a fair few essentials D:

  6. Good lord I love what's in my bag posts. I'm the same way with my daily bags. I always carry so much with me. I always have a book, a journal, usually my laptop. You never know when you will be inspired and have to jot something down or read something.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  7. You should look like the most beautiful turtle in this world :))) So funny & true I'm no style / homeless / tired mum of 5 childs traveler too Stay strong Love M-C

  8. Hhahhahah I have similar problems when packing. I've definitely been working on bringing less and less though it is hard when you have work to do and need a laptop!

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  10. How do you write so well? I have a similar problem but that's just because I have my filofax/random sketchbooks/sunglasses/umbrella/shit etc etc filling up my bag. I actually feel a bit lost when I go on a night out and I take the tiniest clutch bag, I feel as if i'm missing everything!

  11. ha omg, I'm the same about carrying my life around with me in my bags, especially because my laptop is basically like my detachable limb or something; I only recently just got my first smartphone so I always felt like I had to have my laptop with me to stay connected. I'm just not low maintenance enough to travel light and stylishly!
    love the Chanel bag! it looks perfect for a night out.
    ♥ vivian | seattleite fashionista

  12. Hahaha, I have to take everything with me too! I'm not as bad on a day to day basis, but when staying over night somewhere all my tech needs to come with me too. And if there isn't wifi, I'm not going :p

    Corinne x

  13. "leave-everything-behind-and-take-the-Chanel" haha love it!
    grew post