On Beauty: Contributing To Hello Margaret

holly cassell photography
Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, I’ve just been insanely busy with life, London, friends, work and dramatic bullshit. I just wanted to share a little thing I did recently with you, before I do a full post shortly. I contributed to the super-cool zine Hello Margaret! the other day - a photo-essay about my relationship to beauty. You can read the full thing here. The photo is from a shoot I did with the lovely Katie Parker, and I’ll bring you more as soon as I’m done editing them. I hope you like.


  1. Great photos, love the colour of your hair too!
    Stop by sometime,


  2. Lovely photo! Can't wait to see the rest :]

    Fellow Blogger,
    Priscilla Ivette

  3. Wow, gorgeous image! Can't wait to see the rest, and to read your article- which sounds really interesting! xx

  4. LOVE your photos (the hair colour is so cool btw :p)
    Feel free to check out our newest post x

  5. Hi, Holly! As usual, you post the most amazing artistic pictures! I loved the juxtaposition, one looking down and the other in the eye. Really a beautiful picture! Very nice to collaborate with a cool magazine! denisesplanet.com

  6. loved reading your little photo-essay and looking forward to seeing more of these photos! if this one is anything to go by, i'm sure the rest of them are amazing as well:-) xx

  7. i am so in love with this Picture, great Effekt
    and i adore your hair color!

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    Keep up your great Posts
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  8. There were beautiful introspective insights into your fascinating persona and your view of attempted introspective conceptualization of beauty in the piece Holly Cassell, On Beauty - Hello Margaret!. It is deep and yet I suspect it is more normal than my own introspective self-analysis. For some reason therapists give me the impression that they think I'm nuts if I speak of trying to think of myself in the third person with the objective of attempting greater objectivity in self-analysis. Strangely, many people who think: I am beautiful" or "I am brilliant" seem more likely to be viewed as confident irrespective of objectivity. Avoiding all of that and speaking to a second person in the second person, I hope you don't mind me claiming my own objectivity in stating that You are beautiful, and so are your thoughts, and so is your photography of the model Katie "Moonbeam" Rose of the blog Whips and Furs, a fashionista, feminist, vegetarian and writer,


  9. I love this photo essay. I loved reading your piece on Hello, Margaret. You go girl!
    Bella xx

  10. I've missed the fuck out of you. I took a hiatus, but now I'm backkkk<3
    Love you!


  11. Beautiful pictures so far Holly!! I can't wait to see the rest. Ahhh I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one whose had to put blogging behind for a few days... or weeks, in my case.

  12. I love the editing done! Lovely blog. Just followed! :)


  13. beautiful photo and model! your essay is so true, too. I can't remember a day where I didn't think about how I looked except for maybe as a child. lately I've been so exhausted that I don't really care how I look, which makes me kind of sad actually! dressing up and putting on make-up used to make me feel great and lately I don't really have the energy.

    will be stopping by your blog more often, sorry for neglecting you!!